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An Inspirational Beauty Journey by Mishel Malik

From Playful Beginnings to Professional Passion

In this blog, you'll discover exclusive insights shared by our featured artist, along with valuable tips and inspiration aimed at enhancing your beauty routine. Meet one of our esteemed community members Mishel Malik; a talented Hair and Makeup artist who plays a crucial role in the success of a thriving makeup studio operated by a dynamic sister duo. Specializing in Hair styling and Makeup services. They offer a range of exclusive services including Bridal Hair and Makeup, Party Hair and Makeup, and more.

The Passion

Mishel's beauty journey commenced in childhood, as she engaged in dress-up and makeover games with her three sisters, delighting friends and family with their creativity. The enthusiastic reception of their efforts provided unwavering encouragement, steering Mishel towards a future career as a professional makeup artist, particularly after earning her degree in social media marketing and graphic design.

The Establishment of their career

Their venture into the professional realm began when Mishel's elder sister initiated on-the-spot makeup services, ultimately leading to the founding of our very own makeup studio in London, UK. Inspired by her lead, Mishel and her sister Kanza extended these services to Saudi Arabia, pioneering the concept in Jeddah.

Key to Success

Mishel revealed the primary factors behind their swift rise to popularity. She emphasised their dedication to enhancing natural beauty without heavy makeup, citing their signature "no cake and flake" approach aimed at achieving radiant, glowing skin while accentuating each individual's features in a flattering manner. Additionally, Mishel highlighted their commitment to understanding clients' desires, noting their tailored services crafted to preferences and tastes, leveraging their expertise to create customised looks.

Beauty Tips by Mishel Malek

  • Embrace your natural features and avoid blindly following makeup trends, as every face is unique and inherently beautiful.

  • Celebrate your natural skin colour—whether it's brown, black, or white—as every complexion is exquisite in its own right.

Honouring International Women's Day

In conclusion, we invite you to visit Mishels' Instagram page for a wealth of inspirational beauty tips and updates. Additionally, we are excited to invite you to contribute your own stories, which could be featured in our upcoming blogs. As we commemorate International Women's Day, we take pride in showcasing the work of our members and encourage you to become part of our community. Feel free to invite your friends and family to join us and benefit from Referral Codes as we continue to grow together.


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