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One-to-One Advice

  • Benefits
    Stand out and easily be found and contacted by clients.
  • Description
    Applying Filters and sorting features in an advanced search engine so clients can reach out easily to the most suitable MUA for their occassions. Businesses also can benefit from this for collaboration arrangements.
  • Eligibility
    Makeup Artists or Businesses providing services up to average to extinguished standards and authenticity.
  • Fees & Charges
    Free of Charge.
  • Requirements
    Applications need to meet eligibility criteria to get approved. Additionally, Beauty Artists will be required to attach proof of identity. This is important for the security of our clients and authenticity of our beauty directory. Any applications that are considered as scam or include false information will not be approved.
  • Registration Process
    Please download Agendaat App and signup as Makeup Artists. Alternatively, if you do not have devices that support IOS system, please fill the form and your application will be reviewed and assessed shortly.
  • Q. What are Agendaat Services?
    Agendaat is offering support services for businesses in the beauty sector. Please refer to Our Services for more details.
  • Q. Why am I requested to attach an official ID?
    Agendaat will require an official ID from MUAs in order to activate their booking system. This is to ensure authenticity of the MUA and provide safety and protection to our clients.
  • Q. Why do I have to provide an address?
    To maximize your benefit from the platform. Providing an address will help users to reach out to you whilst using our unique Advance Search Engine. This will be also used for business analytical purposes.
  • Q. Is it Free of Charge?
    We strive to provide best services with free and minimum posssible charges. If any charges applied, that would be occured by integrating third party services such as online payments. We are still in testing phase and therefore, we appreciate your contribution. Early Birds Members and contributors will continue to have our services with Free and Minimum charges even after our official launch. We assure you that there are no hidden charges.
  • Q. Are there any hidden Fees?
    We assure our clients that there are no hidden fees to our services. We strive to put inclusive information to any charges applied to services prior to any engagements.
  • Q. GDPR and Privacy!
    Agendaat works in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act 2018. No data to be shared or released prior to owners’ consent. Please refer to our Privacy Notice for more information.
  • Q. Terms of Services!
    Please click on the link, for more info on our Terms and Conditions.
  • Q. Privacy Notice!
    Please click on the link, for more info on our Privacy Policy.
  • Q. Copyright!
    Please click on the link, for more info on our copyright.
  • Q. Intellectual Property!
    Please click on the link, for more info on our Intellectual Property.
  • Q. Disclaimer!
    Please click on the link, for more info on our Website Disclaimer.
  • Q. What is the purpose of Agendaat Website?
    The purpose of the website is to develop the final product for the business. In addition to this, the website will offer direct customer care engagement.
  • Q. What happen to my data if I registered already in the website.
    We are rigistered and comitted to GDPR Procedures and dealing with your data with a great care. We assure you that you will be notified of any changes to the Web, system or procedures. You will always recieve Emails notifying of any changes and you will be able to request or raise any concern by contacting us directly by Email.
  • Q. When will the mobile application Launch?
    The mobile application will launch in the first Quarter of 2022.
  • Q. Are there any differences in services between Agendaat Website and Agendaat Mobile Application?
    The Mobile App and the Website aim to offer similar servies. However, due to some technical restrictions and purposes of each product, the procedures of these services might be slightly different. The admin team in Agendaat are engaged more closely to our clients in the website, whereas the App aims to be more self managed unless the Account Holder contact the Admin for any issues.
  • Q. Why the Delay?
    We recently changed the way we work and our team strives to get our services in-house to avoid any issues faced previously. The Team has been changed as Quality Assurance is very important to us and we promise to provide our clients best services with greater engagement.
  • Q. The Development Status of Website?
    Our Development progress is on daily base. The website is still incomplete, however, this does not effect ''The Services'' and our ''Customer Care''.
  • Q. What happened to website?
    The website is undergoing maintenance and will go live once we can assure greater quality of ''Services'' provided. Meanwhile existing customers can still benefit from both websites and the app.
  • Q. Do I have to be accredited or Pro-MUA to join Agendaat Team?
    No. Agendaat aims to support MUAs start their career. Makeup Artists in all levels are welcome to join our platform and benefit from our services. However, some services will be offered exclusively to accredited MUAs.
  • Q. What are the Eligibility Criteria for Makeup Artist to Apply?
    The Eligibility Criteria for apprving the MUA application is as follows: 1. Qualification. 2. Experience. 3. Exceptioal Talent.
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