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All you need to know about Asian Bridal

Asian Bridal is one of the most common looks trending and becoming popular in the UK. Last year more than 40% of clients’ inquiries within Agendaat were specifically for Asian Bridal. So, what makes the makeup look Asian? And what are the most important tips for this beauty trend?

Eye Brows are usually well defined and natural in the Bridal Asian as the makeup is more glamorous and focusing on the beauty of the eye makeup.

Eye Makeup

As Asian eyes naturally having the almond shape the makeup normally has beautiful mixed colours gradient shadow with winged eyeliner. To make the eye crease more intense, eye contouring is essential. Contouring is great for natural eye makeup base.

One of the greatest eye makeup tips used for Asian Bridal is to use the eye shadow for the lower led to make the eye look bigger. Smudge and blend this shadow to make it look more natural.

Face preparation is always recommended prior to any makeup look.

Foundations used for Asian Bridal looks usually are high coverage

There are many talented makeup artists across the UK, some of them are still in their startup journey while others are well known in their careers. Some of the makeup artists are features in our blog (Learn more), and some others can be found in our Mobile App. (Download the App)

Accessories are essential in Asian Beauty especially Rhinestone Bindi Decals which are face jewels, gems. These are great for wedding party and Hollywood shooting or any other festive event.


”In South Asian culture, henna is a big part of wedding celebrations; traditionally the bride has her hands, arms and feet adorned, while other women in the wedding party tend to paint their hands with the pretty patterns.” Learn more


Asian outfits include a wide range of different styles. Each style has its own occasion and use. Each outfit can be traditional or modern. These outfit maybe more suitable for wedding guests however, the variations are available for bridal outfits too. So, what are the most important clothing pieces in Asian culture?

Kurti is one of the most popular outfit. Kurti is a long top that is usually of knee-length.

Dupatta is a long headscarf that is popular in Asian culture to cover the head and shoulder in many different ways. Originally, it was worn as a symbol of modesty.

Gharara is one of the most beautiful women's wear that is traditionally wore by the Muslims in India. It consist of Kurti, Duppata

Gharara has a thick band at the knees that separates the part from the waist to the knees from the lower flared till the toes.

Sharara is quite similar to Gharara. however, the lower pants normally looser with no band around the knees.

Shalwar Kameez is the national dress of Pakistan that can be worn by men and women. Shalwar is the pair of pants and Kameez is the loose long top.

There are great outfit stores for Asian bridal in the United Kingdom. To learn more check out our blog: Top 10 Asian Bridal Stores in the

Asian Bridal is not limited to the southern Asian countries only. In fact, this trend expanded historically to Arab countries for Henna Parties and it is expanding recently even further globally.

Unlike other makeup trends, if you are planning to have an Asian makeup look then you should be aware that it is mostly popular in wedding season ( the summer) and therefore, booking inquiries are preferably arranged 3 to 4 months in advance.


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