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Purevive organic skincare brand by Maria Paula

Colombian brand owner Maria Paula Salazar of Purevive provides skincare products by using the natural elements and minerals of the earth and transforms them into high-end cosmetic lines to promote a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing which is why Purevive is set on using organic elements and being as eco-friendly as possible by avoiding plastics and materials harmful to the environment, generating recyclable and refillable alternatives for their customers.

Purevive first line of cosmetics consists of a relaxing range of products which contains a balancing face oil to restore and revitalise sensitive skin, they also have a diverse range of lip and facial care.

Maria came to the UK in 2016 to peruse her business in eco-friendly skincare products where she studied in English and business. Maria said “Purevive started as my professional dream when I was in high school in 2006, when I was only 16 years old, the idea of a skincare company was born and I was ready for university, full of expectations about my future and with the aim of starting my own business.” Later on she went back to Colombia where she decided to study in chemical engineering to gain the necessary technical and industrial knowledge about the chemistry involved, and the processing environment. After her bachelors degree in Colombia, in 2012, she joined fast paced consumer goods company to help air her understanding in the industrial sector and then later, she went on to work for L’Oreal which helped her grasp a wider knowledge on the world of cosmetics.

Maria then went onto completing a masters degree in Entrepreneurship in Colombia in 2018 to link her previous experiences. By the end of 2019, she went onto setting up Purvive with the intention to encourage others to incorporate skincare into their daily lives by providing the most high quality and organic products within the market.

She mentioned that she started her business “With the big purpose to generate self-care and increase self esteem by providing natural and organic products.”

By providing customers with the most organic materials and resources, Maria has managed to create products that can supply many different types of skin that leaves a protective layer on the body to protect the most fragile areas of the skin and her new and inventive ways of skincare allows those to feel confident and satisfied with their bodies.

Please visit the website to learn more about Purevive Skin Care :


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