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The Essence of Social Media in the Beauty Sector

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Social Media and online presence became vital to Businesses and Individuals in the past couple of years. Businesses in the beauty sector experience this growth which changed the sector dramatically. It increased the businesses challenges to match the ‘’Global Trends’’ in marketing, engagement and growth. Whilst many found this an interesting opportunity and quicker approach to expand their opportunities, many on the other hand highlighted the challenges that were created indirectly to hinder their success.


Share with your experience and let us know which platform do you use the most to promote and showcase your services in SURVEY.


In the previous years, it was easier to create the online presence focusing on a single platform that summarizes all business updates, showcase the services and products, and engaging with clients. However, the recent emerge of multiple platforms in the past couple of years distributed the content among numerous essential platforms that are believed to have similar impact of engaging and marketing.

Even though well-established businesses may find this approachable by simply hiring more workforce in their marketing teams, individuals and small businesses found this challenging and preferred to focus on the most engaging platform according to their customer demography.

Businesses and individuals responded to this online presence phenomenon differently. Whilst numerous articles highlighted the brands’ different marketing strategies undertaken for the purpose of the growth of online presence. Lush on the other hand, announced following an anti-social media policy in November 2021 after their partnership with IAMWHOLE and Zoe Sugg in arranging for

15th September 2020, during lockdown. Throughout their campaign, they were able to identify the negative impacts of social media on wellbeing.


Share your experience of whether or not you find the diversity of online presence supportive or hindering your engagement in SURVEY.



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