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Why is it important for Makeup Artists to digitalize their diaries?

Some makeup artists are still avoiding switching their manual diaries into digital ones, even though the number of emerging digital apps and tools that manages booking systems is widely increasing and digitalizing offline services is becoming more popular. Below are five essential reasons to switching makeup artists diaries into digital ones.

1. Instant booking system

Make up Artists do not have to be available to pick up every single call or dedicate the time to answer the messages and inquiries. All they have to do is setting and updating their availability and the system will do the job automatically 24/7.

2. Securing deposit automatically

One of the most common challenges to makeup artists in their career is when the client not showing up on their scheduled appointments and the slot is wasted. Securing the deposit is absolutely the best way to manage this issue. In most occasions, clients procrastinate about paying now or later. We experience in our manual booking testing that clients will raise an inquiry for booking and will need up to one week to proceed with the deposit. The system in booking apps is designed to not confirm bookings unless the deposit payment is proceed. Don’t be shy. Put the blame on the system and claim your deposit as soon as possible.

Have you made the switch to digital ?

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  • No, I have not

3. Securing payment of the remaining balance

Another common big mistakes makeup artists do is completing the service and let the payment balance paid at last. There are no guarantees that the payment will be processed as planned. Makeup artists need to take the potential risks to the minimum by avoiding these issues and having the automatic remaining amounts transactions occur before the their appointments.

4. Profile authentication check for both clients and makeup artists.

With the increasing number of fake accounts in social media and fraud and scams everywhere, it is more secured to have records of your clients. On the other hand, clients have concerns visiting someone they do not know; especially for those who are working from home. A number of clients are not feeling comfortable visiting the makeup artists in their homes? Additionally, in worst scenarios including roping and other criminal occasions, this authentication process provides an additional layer of protection for both clients and makeup artists. Some makeup artists think they are known by their clients however, they should consider new clients who do not know them or visiting them for the first time from other cities and countries.

5. Promotional Channels to perfect niche

The worst thing that might happen if you sign up in those booking apps? Especially when the app is FREE is receiving undesired emails?maybe? Being part of different communities is always great to expand a makeup artists’ clientele. It is a great way for new clients to get introduced to makeup artists services wherever they are. Signing up and completing profiles is the perfect approach to expand the services in the market. Never miss an opportunity to expand your clientele and showcase your services in different platforms! And according to GDPR and legislation assigned to newsletters, there is always unsubscribe option to stop receiving undesired emails.

Makeup artists that are resisting the revolution of online bookings are definitely losing great opportunities of expanding their clientele. They are always highlighting their concerns in regards to the transactional and subscription fees for digitalizing their diaries, whereas in fact, their potential losses are way more higher in their offline booking systems including having clients that not turning up on their appointments and negotiations on payments when it is not necessary. Additionally, their effort is doubled managing their finances and track history records while auditing and preparations of their VAT returns.

At last, we would love to invite you to digitalize your diaries and being part of different communities. Agendaat is Free to join and we are happy to support you in you career.

We are currently in TestFlight Apple Store and would like to invite you for beta testing to help us tailor our developments to your requirements. Sign up


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