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Beauty is blind by Jerri Mather

The girl that lost 30 per cent of her sight and became a well renowned makeup artist on TikTok

Jerri Mather, a makeup artist from Sheffield, had previously been partially blind, but after being involved in a freak car accident that nearly killed her and worsened her vision by 30 per cent, she decided to pursue her dream career as a makeup artist and enrolled in a six-week college course, which she successfully completed.

“I was born with 50 per cent of my vision. I’ve always been partially sighted but the car accident in the summer made it worse. “However, it did also make me realise it could have been so much worse, I could have died, and I wanted to do something I loved.”, she said.

Mather said she'd always wanted to become a makeup artist it because she believes makeup empowers and boosts women's confidence.

Due to her partial vision impairment, Mather often has to feel around her face to guide her hands when applying makeup on herself, which adds to her artistry and helps to bring out more of her personality.

Since her time being a makeup artist, she then went onto creating TikTok blogs and began gaining a mass of followers over the coming months due to her uniqueness in her abilities.

She now aspires to open a business that will cater to everyone since she had found it difficult to find employment due to her impairment and hopes to launch a makeup line for the blind that will be covered with Braille and typefaces as she said; "It’s astounding what braille isn't on. Not even food in supermarkets. Not even on things like bleach – it only has a tactile triangle on the bottle. "It means I have to rely more on technology, which isn’t as ideal as it might sound.”

Since Mather started her course, many people have mentioned how “shocked” they were by her unique and amazing talent that she possesses. She mentioned that she likes to do a different thing every day, Jerri said: “Makeup is amazing because it can give you confidence, anyone can do it, if you have a disability, you can be of any age.”

Learning and hearing from Jerri Mather; she teaches us the importance of gratitude and using our imperfections as an advantage to empower ourselves which is one of the many reasons why we think that's why many of her followers are invested in her because she encourages those around her to believe in themselves.


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